Very Common Questions Related to Laptop

there are some laptop-related common questions. maybe you have doubts about these questions. read all common questions and answers.

How to screenshot on MSI Laptop?

Ans: Windows + Shift + S

Where are Dell laptops made?

Ans: China, Brazil, Malaysia, United States, and more Countries.

Where are HP laptops made?

Ans: China

Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than US?

Ans: Yes

Is a laptop considered a pc?

Ans: Yes

Is a laptop considered a computer?

Ans: Yes

Is a mac considered a pc?

Ans: Yes

Are gaming laptops good for video editing?

Ans: Yes

Can a laptop be tracked after a factory reset?

Ans: No

Can I leave my laptop plugged in overnight?

Ans: Yes but not recommended

How to measure size of laptop?

Ans: search on google (Model No. + Display Size)

How to force laptop to shut down?

Ans: Press Power Button for About 10 Seconds or Until Screen Off

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