Top 10 Best Laptop Brands in India 2023

Here are Some Top 10 Best Laptop Brands (Companies) in India that are a big Laptop market share in India (2023 Data). know here which laptop brand is best when start, how performing, its services, its founded, its Location, and more.

Top 10 Popular Laptop Brands in The World

  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Avita Laptop
  • MI (Xiaomi)
  • MSI

1. HP

HP is an American Multinational Company that is World’s No.1 Laptop brand. HP sells laptops in Almost All countries and its service is available in all countries. and HP knows as a Laptop Brand. HP Sells the Largest Number of laptops compared to other brands. HP’s Market Share is Almost 26% in 2023.

HP was founded on 1 Jan 1939, by William R. Hewlett and David Packard, two recent electrical-engineering graduates of Stanford University.

HP Laptop Market Share is 25% in India 2022.

OriginUnited States
Founded1 Jan 1939
Market Cap (Valuation)$41 Billion (2021)
Revenue$63 Billion (2021)
Employees Working51,000 (2021)

2. Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese Multinational Company that Manufacture Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, and other Electronic Devices. Lenovo Laptop Market Position 2nd or 3rd in The World. Lenovo is Popular in the USA, China, India, the UK, and more. Lenovo Manufacture Budget Range Laptop, and Tablet.

Even, Lenovo Service is Available in Almost All Countries. and Sells Their Laptop Over The World.

Lenovo was founded on 1 Nov 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi. Lenovo’s Laptop Market Share Almost 25.5% in 2022 in the World.

Lenovo’ Laptop Market Share is 24% in India in 2022.

Founded1 Nov 1984
Market Cap (Valuation)$12 Billion (2021)
Revenue$60 Billion (2021)
Employees Working71,000 (2021)

3. Dell

Dell is an American Multinational Company. Dell knows as a Long Durable and Value for Money Laptop. Dell Service is too good and Available over the world. Even Dell Manufacture Laptop Accessories Like Keyboard, Mouse, etc.

Dell Was Founded on 1 Feb 1984 by Michael Dell. Dell has 65,000 Employees in 2021 Data. Dell Laptops Popular in USA, India, Brazil, Japan, and European Countries.

Dell Laptop Market Share is 13% in India 2022.

OriginUnited States
Founded1 Feb 1984
Market Cap (Valuation)$37 Billion (2021)
Revenue$90 Billion (2021)
Employees Working165,000 (2021)


I think We don’t need to Introduce Samsung Because Everyone Know About Samsung. Samsung Knows as Mobile Manufacturing Brand. But Samsung Makes Home Appliances, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, TV, Mobile, and Computer Accessories.

Samsung Service Center is available in Every Country, City, and Even Small City. Samsung Was Founded on 1 March 1938.

Facts:- According to, Samsung Mobile Market Share is 28% in the World (2022). and According to, Samsung Group Company contributes 20% GDP of South Korea.

Samsung Laptop Market Share is 8% in India 2022.

OriginSouth Korea
Founded1 March 1938
Market Cap (Valuation)$312 Billion (2021)
Revenue$240 Billion (2021)
Employees Working320,000 (2021)

5. Apple

Apple is an American Multinational Brand that is Popular for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and More Premium Devices. Apple Knows as a Premium Brand. its price little more Expensive than other brands.

Apple’s Laptops are Fast, Secure, and Premium Look. Apple is Popular in Developed Countries Where Per Capita Income is High Like the USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, and other Developed Nations. Even Apple is Popular in Developing Countries Like China, India, and Brazil.

Apple is the 2nd Largest Mobile Phone Brand in The World Which is Share a 27% Market Share in The World in 2022.

Apple Laptop Market Share is 5% in India 2022.

OriginUnited States
Founded1 April 1976
Market Cap (Valuation)$3,072 Billion (2022)
Revenue$365 Billion (2021)
Employees Working154,00 (2021)

6. Asus

Asus is a Taiwanese Multinational Company that manufactures laptops, motherboards, tablets, Mobile, monitors, Graphics cards, and more Computer Equipment. Asus is the 6th Biggest Brand in India. Asus Makes Budget Range Laptops. Asus is Available in 32 Countries Right Now (USA, India, Taiwan, Japan, China, and more)

Founded2 April 1989
Market Cap (Valuation)$9 Billion (2022)
Revenue$19 Billion (2021)
Employees Working17,000 (2021)

7. Acer

Acer is a Taiwanese Multinational Company. Services are Available in 60+ Countries. it makes Laptop, Monitor, Servicer, Storage, and more Computer Equipment. Acer is More Popular in Gaming Series Laptop. Even Acer Comes with Budget Segments.

it was founded on 1 August 1976 by Stan Shih, and Carolyn Yeh in New Taipei.

Founded1 August 1976
Market Cap (Valuation)$3 Billion (2022)
Revenue$9.5 Billion (2021)
Employees Working7,500 (2021)

8. Avita Laptop

Avita Laptop is Hong Kong Base Multinational Company. Avita Laptop Service Available More than 35 Countries. Avita Laptop Brand is the most trending Brand right now and growing so fast day by day. According to the Official Website it used to sell 400+ Laptops per day in the 2020 report. and 10,000 Monthly Sells in India According to

Avita Laptop was Founded in 2016 by its parent company Nexstgo. Avita Laptop Popular in India, USA, UK, and South East Asian Countries.

OriginHong Kong
Market Cap (Valuation)NA
Employees WorkingNA

9. MI (Xiaomi)

Xiaomi is a Chinese Multinational Company known as a budget segment brand and popular smartphone. Xiaomi world’s the 3rd biggest market share brand in the world. and No.1 biggest market share in India. Xiaomi 26% Market Share in India According to

Xiaomi has a good Ecosystem Like Apple. Xiaomi Makes Smartphone, Tablet, Watch, TV, Laptop, Home Appliance, and more Products.

Xiaomi is Most Popular in Developing Countries Like India, China, Pakistan, and Southern Asian Countries.

Founded6 April 2010
Market Cap (Valuation)$39 Billion
Revenue$50 Billion
Employees Working33,400

10. MSI

MSI is a Taiwanese Multinational Brand known as Gaming Brand. MSI is popular for Manufacturing Gaming Laptop, Graphics Card, Monitor, and other Computer Components. MSI is Popular in the USA, India, UK, China, Taiwan, and more Countries.

FoundedAugust 1986
Market Cap (Valuation)$3.5 Billion
Revenue$7 Billion
Employees Working2,744

These Are the Top 10 Brands in India that sell a Large Number of Laptops in India. Even Realme, Infinix, iBall, and more Brands are exist but not popular as these.


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