What are The Best Laptop Brands?

A laptop is significantly more practical than a computer. There are numerous best Laptop brands to select from, whether for legal purposes, educational purposes, or even gaming. It is usually recommended to pick from the top 5 laptop manufacturers if you are contemplating purchasing a laptop.

Do you find this perplexing? Don’t worry, and we’re here to help you figure out which laptop brand is perfect for you. Whatever brand you choose, check out the features it offers and see if they meet your needs.

List of Top 5 Best Laptop Brands:

The good news is that laptops will never be out of stock, and there’s one to fit any budget. They’re an absolute requirement in today’s environment. On the downside, there are so many options that selecting the best one for your needs may be challenging. Here is a list of the best Laptop brands:

  1. Apple
  2. HP
  3. Lenovo
  4. Dell
  5. Acer

1. Apple

Apple is obviously a high-end laptop, smartphone, desktop, and tablet brand. Customer service, build quality, user-friendliness, design, performance, and display are all areas where Apple shines. 

However, the glowing Apple logo on their laptops makes them one of the most aesthetically pleasing products to showcase. In terms of the operating system, it is entirely error-free and very user-friendly, unlike Windows. 

Simultaneously, almost everyone agrees that Apple computers are pretty dependable and predictable.

Apple is one of the most significant laptop manufacturing corporations, with an annual turnover of approximately $230 billion and a net income of nearly $50 billion. It employs over 120,000 people.

However, the Apple laptop is one of the best Laptop brands. MacBook owners get the most excellent customer service from Apple. 

In addition to physical locations, the firm provides complimentary 90-day telephone support. Additionally, live chat help is accessible. There is also online tech assistance.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Excellent client service
  • Allows users to dual boot with Windows.


  • Price increase
  • RAM isn’t upgradeable.

2. HP

Second best Laptop brands is Hp. Lets talk about it in detial! Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is an aging electronics brand that is no longer as well-known as it once was. However, desktop computers continue to be the most reliable and popular choice for gamers and professionals.

This well-known laptop maker has an estimated $53 billion yearly revenue and manufactures some of the best laptops for kids.

Although HP may not have always had the greatest reputation for laptops, the company’s most recent laptops have set a higher standard by taking design elements from HP’s other brands of laptops. The most recent iteration of notebooks is lightning fast, packed with power, and simple to use for doing everyday tasks.

Although HP provides, among other possibilities, convertibles, fanless laptops, gaming devices, detachable 2-in-1s, essential notebooks, and high-end workstations. 

Their devices have a useful purpose. In addition, their higher-end models, like as the Spectre, the Omen, and the ZBook, are equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technologies and provide an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

The HP Spectre and Envy families include design components that are gem-cut and have a pleasing look. A wide range of laptops is offered, from Pavilion to EliteBook to Essentials to ProBook.

HP is right up there with the top five manufacturers when it comes to customer support. Depending on the model of laptop you purchase, you may be able to extend the warranty for up to three years.


  • The
  •  company’s customer service is top-notch.
  • HP offers a three-year warranty on all of its products.
  • The business controls 22.6 percent of the worldwide laptop market.


  • Except for the high-end versions, design cues are one-dimensional.
  • Its hardware durability does not inspire trust.

3. Lenovo:

Lenovo is a Beijing-based worldwide company that specializes in computer manufacturing. It was founded in 1984. After HP and Dell, it has a 25.1 percent share of the global computer market.

Nearly $45 billion worth of sales is generated each year by Lenovo, which employs over 60,000 people throughout the globe.

Somewhat more costly than the prices of other laptop manufacturers are Lenovo’s laptops. On the other hand, laptops may be used by anybody from professional gamers to companies to students.

To date, they’re most known for their business laptops, which combine powerful performance with a flexible, modular design. However, some of the best Laptop brands to be found in the Yoga and Flex series in 2020. 

The long-lasting batteries of this Chinese firm, which has only just begun making telephones, have already gained the business notoriety.

Electronics such as desktops, laptops, cellphones, tablets, monitors, and projectors have been manufactured. They excel in several categories, including graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display, and audio quality.

Lenovo offers a unique customer support system accessible through phone and email. Every laptop series has a dedicated customer support page for fast and straightforward device-related issues resolution. 

Moreover, the firm provides several brick-and-mortar service locations worldwide for offline customers. On some devices, the company also offers cheap warranty extensions.


  • Lenovo has the gadget to fit every budget.
  • Nearly a quarter of the global market.
  • In terms of design and form factors, a wide variety of laptops is available.


  • The design and structure are drab.

4. Dell

However, you must select Dell if you want the greatest Windows laptop. The quality of their technical and after-sales support is unparalleled, and consumers in every region of the world are aware of this fact.

The vast majority of laptops sold by Dell are reasonably priced, and their designs and technologies are often straightforward while yet providing enough functionality. Some people, however, dislike Dell because of its simplicity.

For many reasons, Dell is the greatest Windows laptop maker, including excellent service, professional design, low costs, and longevity. 

If you want to stick with one brand for the rest of your life, you have the option of purchasing a computer from one of three different series: Inspiron, XPS, or Alienware.

Inspiron is an excellent alternative for those on a budget, while XPS is ideal for high-end customers, and Alienware is perfect for gamers. 

Although Dell was also one of the most popular laptop manufacturers in 2020, according to current figures. Almost everyone can find a laptop that suits them.

The majority of their laptops come with cutting-edge features like touchscreens, lighted keyboards, fast CPUs, and long-lasting batteries.

This laptop firm generates over $50 billion in yearly sales and employs almost 101,000 employees.


  • An extensive product selection.
  • Dell makes lightweight laptops.
  • Every device has long battery life.


  • The simple look turns off specific consumers.
  • The company does not provide any extras or bonuses with the computers.

5. Acer

Acere is also the best laptop brand for gamer and businessmen. Acer is a Taiwanese company that manufactures computers and has customers all over the world. However, the best value for your money is normally found in an Acer laptop; nonetheless, you typically get what you pay for.

The company, formed in 1976, has a 5,7 percent share of the global laptop market. Indeed, the company offers a product to fit every budget. Additionally, all Acer laptops have excellent battery life. Despite their modest price, Acer’s laptops provide exceptional performance.

However, the Chinese laptop maker is one of the world’s most significant, and their products are trendy among budget customers. With its $150 laptops and Chromebooks, Acer has been accused of infiltrating the laptop industry.

Acer supplies customers with a superior customer service system and the most extensive assortment of goods. These are interactions through live chat, phone calls, email, and social media sites.

Acer also offers community or forum support and a network of very well physical service centers.


  • Wide selection of products
  • Gadgets that are both affordable and multipurpose
  • 7 percent of the worldwide laptop market
  • A series dedicated to high-end professional gaming.


  • The question of durability arises.
  • Warranty management is infuriating.

6. Asus

The fact that ASUS manufactures their motherboards might be why their laptops are more reasonably priced than those of other companies. ASUS laptops are well-known for their low prices compared to those of different brands.

However, it is well known that Chromebooks and tiny laptops are the most cost-effective computers available today. The dependability of the company’s products is what the public associates the brand most strongly with.

ASUS wasn’t even on anyone’s mind when it came to compiling a list of the best laptop brands for a long time, but now, thanks to their extensive lineup of powerful and stylish laptops, they’ve made it into the Top 7 list. 

In 2017, Acer reported yearly revenues of around $30 billion and employed almost 18,000 people worldwide.

The fact that ASUS cares about the user’s experience shows that even their most affordable laptops have a strong performance, full HD display, and more than 4 hours of battery life. 

Even if you’re looking at one of their laptops that costs less than $300, the materials they utilize in the construction are of the highest possible quality.

The customers are provided with timely after-sales services by ASUS. You can get in touch with the technical staff using a variety of interfaces, including phone calls, emails, live chat, and so on. 


  • The displays and the ratio of the screen to the body are both excellent.
  • Innovative design elements.
  • Plans of supplementary protection against accidents, combined with certain gadgets.
  • Dedicated lines for a more serious and competitive gaming experience.
  • A good selection of open-top automobiles.


  • Some electronic devices have a top-heavy design.

7. Avita

Avita brand It is a sub-brand of Nexstgo owned and managed by a business located in Hong Kong called Nexstgo.  The corporation has shown several other goods, but since laptops are readily accessible at this time, we will concentrate on them. 

In this part, we will discuss some things related to this particular brand. Such as the pricing, the service, the quality of the items, the dependability of the brand, the brand’s transparency to the consumers, and the overall worth of the brand.

Price-wise, The Avita laptops are not an attractive choice given the availability of many superior alternatives. 

Depending on the brand of CPU we choose, the portable computers provide a satisfactory level of performance overall. There is no dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) in any Avita laptops, not even the most expensive model with Core i7.


  • Excellent price wise
  • good specification
  • Wide range of colors and design


  • Heating problem

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have discussed what are the best Laptop brands.  Finally, due of their user-friendly design, Apple laptops are the greatest for the ordinary customer. It also has a pleasing appearance, which many customers value.

Lenovo laptops are ideal for both professional and personal use. They’re designed for companies and are built to last. You have an advantage with Windows laptops since you can change the components.

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